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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting slightly closer folks

My heart pounds a lot these days - all good, I am just super pumped about doing what I love to do. The behind scene is keeping me busy. All the legal leg work is done except for some minor details in which is out of our hands. Shop still needs to have a walk through and cleared inspection. Super jazzed on how this whole thing is coming together.

Vendor spaces are filling up and we have a ton of local and internet support. Ad's are in place and seeking out other opportunities to expand advertising without killing my complete budget.

Products is being made by Bubble Boy now, who keeps very busy these days pounding away on his little machine aka "John Wayne". Ugggg, and he gave me his inventory sheet for upgrades and new equipment and I got a little scared - oh hell A LOT scared. It came to a little under $8000.00.

Right now he needs all new cutters/mats/pins/scissors/template sheets and all that stuff. So I am doing my part in trying to raise money. (Our goal is NO bank loans - we still don't have a house yet and we really need to get one). So far I've made 8 pairs of slippers. I am at a summer job that allows me to spend my day crocheting, so I am stepping up to help my husband. I believe in him!!

 Excited, nervous, productive but most of all, we are laying our lives in God's hand as we should. He loves us and gave us the great ability of working and working hard. We have great friends who love us more then life itself and a town that we are so beyond proud to be a part of - Spirit Lake, Idaho. And truly the best Spirit Lake Post Office ever - and we are across the street from them. Life couldn't get any better...

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