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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time to take off your winter tires

Happy Spring.

It's time to get those winter tires off and spring into action with summer sizzling new ones. If your not from Rathdrum/Spirit Lake area - check out the website for the closest one near to you:

We've only used Les Schwab for our RV tires and I can tell you from experience - it was a complete joy to work with them. Once in California we had a major deadline to get to a specific location and had a flat so bad, a new tire was needed. They magic for us that day. They even called to the town we were going to because there was a Les Schwab there to check up on us. We were shocked when we arrived to our RV destination with a message for us from the local dealer.

Now that we own our business Bubble Boy Boutique we depend on them once again since now we make trips for our customers and such.

But hey if your local come fan their local Les Schwab page:

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