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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

North Idaho Conk Art Canvas of Wild Horses

Idaho Conk Art Canvas of Wild Horses

Earth art made from Idaho conk: 
Conks are fungi of the ganoderma family. Also known as bracket or shelf mushrooms, they are found on dead or dying hardwood trees. Reaching sizes as large as twenty-four inches across, these perennials may live up to fifty years.
When harvested and dried, conks become light in weight, yet extremely hard. Their cream colored surface is just beautiful and unique to display in your home. 
Covered in a horse canvas to add style and presence to your home, office or studio like I have to inspire peace and relaxed minds.
Stands 3" in height and 4" Long 4" in thickness
Completely dry and we recommend keeping this in a dry room (not good for the spa or bathroom). 
I do custom make these in my studio in any number of sizes and canvas theme. Please email me for quotes/time frame. 

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