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Monday, April 27, 2015

Dispatcher Dark

Dispatcher Dark is a coffee blend named after their friend. But what it tells me is that if a dispatcher uses this to stay up all hours of the night - then I GOTTA have.

From their website

How many times have you wished you could pack it up, sell it all, buy a piece of land and try your hand at “homesteading”? Well that’s just what we did. We packed our little Fourroux clan and headed for the hills. Northern Idaho to be specific where clean air, amazing forests, large fresh water lakes, streams, rivers and wildlife are abundant.
So now we are a God fearing homeschooling cow milking garden watering chicken feeding berry picking orchard tending preserve canning soap making bread baking cheese making bee keeping hay baling wood chopping  gun toting snow plowing barn mucking…

Bubble Boy Boutique are MAJOR coffee drinkers... MAJOR!! They are located here in Spirit Lake!

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  1. I LOVE their description!!! lol. Makes me want to run away too. :0)