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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Country Clinical Massage

Emily Jelinek Smedley,LMPth

16 years of experience with every treatment is tailored to the clients needs. By appointment only, gift certificates available. . . 
~ Relax
~ Lower your blood pressure
~ Enjoy a good night sleep
~ Immune system boost
Decrease anxiety and depression (HUGE)....
and so many other benefits!!

Bubble Boy Boutique had the great honor of chatting like a mile a minute with Emily and we are very excited to learn all the cool things to her. I don't want to share because then I will take all the fun from you meeting her. We beyond recommend this business and can say first hand how professional Country Clinical Massage is. We know most of their clients.

So those who have medical issues who would like relief, or needing a good spoil time with the benifit of feeling alive again - get your call in and set up your appointment. Athol, Idaho is one lucky town to have their Emily there!!

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