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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Susie Q's Floral Design for Weddings and Special Events

Susie Griffin was so kind to carpool a group of us women to attend the WEDNI monthly meeting that was held over at the beautiful Foxwood House... And just my two cents, but I never felt more part of something then I did with this group!!

Back to Susie... Fun fact about her from Bubble Boy Boutique is that her car smelled WONDERFUL - could it be because she is huge in her field?? Thinking so....  is Wedding - Special Events - Corporate Events page that will set you in the right direction for your upcoming events. VERY hands on!! she is so beyond personalized that she is the one you deal with on that special day of yours!!

We are honored to know Susie Q's and want everyone to know that if you use her service that we will give you 15% off our service just by using hers.... 
She is a member of the North Idaho WEDNI group!!

Crayons or Old Fashion Candy Sticks for both Adults and Children

Wedding Planning

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