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Monday, March 23, 2015

My Wedding Tour of the Hitchin' Barn

I so love my new town. Spirit Lake has give me a new batch of friends who I just couldn't imagine life without.

Yasna Vidakovic is a complete fun blessing to our Bubble Boy Boutique. A week ago she took me on a
tour of her Hitchin' Barn but before that, we visited her farm animals that consist of some beautiful chicken (sorry, there were so many different sorts and I am clueless on types of breeds but they were beyond beautiful). And new babies just came prior to my tour which was exciting too!!

So after our short visit with the chickens, we start to head up to the Hitchin' Barn and from the corner of my eye - OMG..... I know horses!! Detour to them.

Haha... See I told you I know horses - back in my younger days!! YEPPERS that is ME - Evielynne...

What beauties... And they are a huge part of the The Hitchin' Barn Wedding package - 
after all their motto is "Together, let's make your dream wedding come true !

Barn Weddings are huge - Rustic Weddings are simple and the most fun and OMG photos ops are endless.

What is great about a barn wedding is that is handmade beauty at its best which is giving back to original love of creating for a number of us!! Shhhh a budget saver too !

And if your looking for table favors:
makes them for Old Fashion Candy Sticks for the all the guest
Crayon rolls for the kiddie tables!!
And any Wedding Party who has a wedding booked with 
The Hitchin Barn will receive 15% of their order...


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  1. if I had to do it all over again, I would love to have my wedding there....and you look great jumping!!!!