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Monday, February 23, 2015

SKGaleana is Hosting A Pie Baking Contest in Spirit Lake

SKGaleana is Hosting A Pie Baking Contest on…
Pi day! March 14, 2015 (3.14)
There will be games, Booths, and of course, PIE!
It will be $1.00 to eat Pie
Games and items at the booths will be separate charges.
Come have fun on the day of Pi by eating PIE and playing games!
Bubble Boy Boutique
5864 W Maine St
Spirit Lake, Idaho
Pre-registration is required. We need to know that you are bringing a pie. To register, grab the entry form from Evielynne at the Bubble Boy Boutique and submit it in or before March 10th 2015
    1. The contest is open to anyone wishing to bake a pie(s)
    2. The pies must be made from scratch and baked by the individual entering the contest. No store bought crust or pies.
    3. Each baker can enter as many pies as they wish. There must be an entry form for each pie.
    4. Must bring two identical pies per submission. 1 for the judges and 1 for the attendees
    5. Each entry will receive a Number that corresponds to the pie entered.
    6. The Pie must have a bottom crust.
    7. We will not accept any pies that require special handling, refrigeration or heating.
    8. The finished pie cannot contain raw/uncooked eggs (white or yokes)
    9. Pies must be baked in an 8-10 inch pan. The pan will be non-returnable.
    10. Due to allergies, each pie must contain a list of ingredients, typed in at least 14 font
    11. Pies must be brought to the Bubble Boy Boutique between 11 and 11:30 am. If your pie arrives after 11:30 am it will not be eligible to win
    12. All pies submitted for judging will no longer belong to the bakers. Tasting slices will be sold to attendees without compensation or reimbursement to the baker.
    13. Bakers agree to have their pie, recipe and name published and/or photographed without compensation or reimbursement
The Judging process will be on a 20 point system based on the following:
    1. Appearance (5 points) – Does it look like a pie? Does it cut well? Does it have the appropriate gooey center or firmness? Does it entice you to eat it?
    a. Bonus points if you find a way to work the pi symbol into your pie
    2. Taste (5 points) – Is the flavor balanced? Does it have the appropriate texture?
    3. Crust (5 points) – Is the crust fully cooked and flakey?
    4. Overall (5 points) – would you take another slice?
Winners will be announced at 2 pm 3.14.15
1st prize – TBD
2nd prize – TBD
People’s Choice – TBD

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