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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quality Services, Inc Summer Season Almost here

Quality Services, Inc Summer Season Almost here...

What does this mean?? It means wood cutting time and give it a month or two then it becomes about the huckleberry picking BUT the whole in between is about the hiking and biking.

OPENS Memorial Day WEEKEND!!

Let's take a step back.
Qualtiy Services, Inc is a full-service property access management company providing program development and implementation to forest landowners throughout the Inland Northwest.  With over 1,000,000 acres of forest land currently in our access management programs, we provide property owners with fully functional recreation programs designed to meet their specific asset management needs without compromising the safety of ongoing industrial operations. 

No matter what size your forest land acreage may be, if you are considering adding recreational use of your property to your asset management program, we are here to assist you.

And the area we are talking about it Inland Empire Paper Company:
NW Washington and Idaho Panhandle

The owners and managers of IEP have made a solid commitment to keeping their lands open for public use on a user driven fee basis.  With approximately 116,000 acres of forestland's, much of which are close to urban areas, the IEP properties are ideal for that quick evening or weekend get-away.

Here are some of our personal pictures of the years of experience with our working there. 

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