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Monday, February 2, 2015

Bear HELP needed and wanted

Post by Visit North Idaho.

Up for some fun? Evielynne has initiated a ‪#‎BearForEVIELYNNE‬challenge. She really loves her bears. So here is the challenge: When our facebook page reaches 1000 we will change the banner to a bear. Help Evielynne get her bear. Send this challenge to your friends and have them like the page and leave the tag #BearforEVIELYNNE - When you click on that hashtag you can see where the Bear Hugs are coming from and the bear that got this all started! Challenge Accepted! 

They are at 707 

I need 293 more likes to get MY BEAR!!

Visit North Idaho is so much fun. We are a unique bunch and if you stop in over at Spirit Lake - there is a ton to do - with a number of local small business to shop at - a number of lakes, a number of places to eat, and oh yeah a Coffee house to renew your energy - John Rocks over at Spirit Lake Coffee!! 

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